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Highrise: Avatar, Meet & Play apkHighrise: Avatar, Meet & Play latest version download

Highrise: Avatar, Meet & Play apk

4.6.3 Android version

Date:May 12, 2024
Package Name:com.pz.life.android
  • Highrise: Avatar, Meet & Play apk
  • Highrise: Avatar, Meet & Play apk
  • Highrise: Avatar, Meet & Play apk
  • Highrise: Avatar, Meet & Play apk

A very fun role-playing game. In this game, players can freely change their clothes and choose their favorite appearance to enter the community. The gameplay is also very simple. Friends who want to play can check it out and download it now. Bar!

Game introduction

It’s a place where you can connect, play and express your digital self with existing and soon-to-be friends in amazing shared experiences. Join a community of over 50 million people and enter a new world of possibilities

Game features

Dive into a new online space with millions of users.

Play, create and design with friends from all over the world.

Join thousands of virtual rooms for games, fashion shows, talent shows, chats or casual gatherings.

Participate in weekly events, play games and earn new outfits for your avatar.

Game Highlights

Customize your profile with a background, bio, and showcase your favorite items.

Explore millions of fashion styles and get inspired by new dress-up items.

Win creative and design items in community contests and have them brought to life by our talented artists.

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