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Delete Puzzle: Brain Games apkDelete Puzzle: Brain Games apk latest version download

Delete Puzzle: Brain Games apk

1.3.6 Android version

Date:May 13, 2024
Package Name:com.ig.delete.one.part
  • Delete Puzzle: Brain Games apk
  • Delete Puzzle: Brain Games apk
  • Delete Puzzle: Brain Games apk
  • Delete Puzzle: Brain Games apk

A fun puzzle game. In this game, players and friends can get a very good gaming experience. You can also solve the mystery at any time, bringing you a good erasing game experience. Interested players can come now. Download it now!

Game introduction

Get ready for a gaming experience like no other! Use your finger power to erase a part of the drawing and discover the secrets hidden underneath. This can be a challenging brain teaser. This mind game may look simple but trust us, it’s like a brain teaser. Treasure hunt game

Game features

Uncover layers of mystery with the unexpected twists and turns behind each image. Your eraser lifts the veil of the invisible and turns the ordinary into the extraordinary!

Enjoy cute graphics with unique cartoon style and cute animations.

Suitable for all ages who want to keep their brain sharp and have fun.

Take control of your gaming experience with selectable music, sound effects and vibration settings.

Game Highlights

Slide your finger across the screen to erase a section and let your brain excitedly guess the puzzles

Explore many levels with tricky brain teasers that change every time

Every time you erase, a new part of the story appears

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