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My Perfect Pet Hotel apkMy Perfect Pet Hotel Mobile version download

My Perfect Pet Hotel apk

1.0.5 The latest version

Date:Jun 11, 2024
Package Name:com.madad.myperfectpethotel
  • My Perfect Pet Hotel apk
  • My Perfect Pet Hotel apk
  • My Perfect Pet Hotel apk
  • My Perfect Pet Hotel apk
  • My Perfect Pet Hotel apk
  • My Perfect Pet Hotel apk
  • My Perfect Pet Hotel apk

My Perfect Pet Hotel provides players with a platform to create their own exclusive pet hotel. In the game, players need to pay attention to the needs of pets, provide first-class services, and continuously improve the hotel's popularity and appeal through various strategies and management methods, thereby attracting more pets and pet owners to stay.

Game introduction

My Perfect Pet Hotel is a delightful business simulation game that puts you in the role of a cat hotel manager. In this game, you will be responsible for hosting cute feline guests and providing them with comfortable accommodation, delicious food and entertainment. By interacting with cats, you'll build deep relationships and make your hotel the most popular cat resort.

Game features

1. Unique cute cartoon style, each cat is designed to be lifelike, making people unable to put it down;

2. A rich selection of cat breeds, from common domestic cats to rare exotic short-haired cats, to satisfy your collection desires;

3. In-depth simulation of business elements, you need to carefully design and manage your cat hotel to provide the most comfortable environment and services.

4. Unique training system, each cat has its own preferences, you need to carry out personalized training according to their characteristics;

Game Highlights

1. The game screen is exquisite and the cat image is lifelike, giving people a pleasant visual enjoyment.

2. According to the needs of cats, including feeding, cleaning, playing, etc., ensure their happiness and health.

3. Manage the daily operations of the hotel, including receiving guests, maintaining facilities, expanding business, etc., to make the hotel prosperous.

4. Free operation and design according to your own preferences and interests, which increases the fun and long-term playability of the game.

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