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Stacky Dash apk

4.8.5 Android version

Date:Jun 11, 2024
Package Name:com.Born2Play.StackyDash
  • Stacky Dash apk
  • Stacky Dash apk
  • Stacky Dash apk
  • Stacky Dash apk
  • Stacky Dash apk
  • Stacky Dash apk
  • Stacky Dash apk

Stacky Dash is an action puzzle casual mobile game that cleverly combines leisure and puzzle elements. Players control stickmen to collect square bricks in the game, and use the square bricks to build a road to the next level. The more cubes collected, the more The more points you get in the final level, the higher the points reward multiplier will be.

Game introduction

Stacky Dash is a mobile game that combines parkour and adventure. Players need to engage in thrilling sprint races on ever-changing parkour tracks, using various skills and props to avoid obstacles, speed up, and constantly challenge their limits.

Game features

1. Integrating a variety of competitive gameplay, the competition is very intense and brings you more joy.

2. The bridge-building dash game will have fresh cartoons and many special levels.

3. Players can also rely on their own abilities to complete challenges step by step.

4. In the game, if the laying of the planks is not completed before the planks are consumed, the challenge will fail.

Game Highlights

1. Continuously improve your bridge sections and try not to be stepped on by your opponents.

2. Eliminate other opponents within the specified time and expand the chassis to a larger area.

3. The game integrates a variety of competitive games, with fierce competition and bringing you more joy.

4. Continuously collect the wooden blocks in the level, the more the better, and use wooden boards to lay the pontoon bridge.

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