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Luxury Mall game

1.3.8 The official version

Date:Jun 11, 2024
Package Name:com.LG.LuxuryMall
  • Luxury Mall game
  • Luxury Mall game
  • Luxury Mall game
  • Luxury Mall game
  • Luxury Mall game
  • Luxury Mall game
  • Luxury Mall game
  • Luxury Mall game

Luxury Mall is a mobile game that focuses on simulating the management of high-end shopping malls, providing players with a virtual high-end shopping mall management platform. Here, players can experience the entire process from shopping mall planning, brand investment, daily operations to customer service.

Game introduction

As a high-end shopping mall simulation management game, Luxury Mall brings players an immersive shopping mall management experience with its highly free business model, real business experience and rich game content. At the same time, players can compete with other players. Online competition and cooperation jointly improve the operating level of the shopping mall.

Game features

1. Players can freely plan the layout and facilities of the shopping mall according to their own preferences and strategies.

2. A rich brand library for players to choose from, including internationally renowned luxury brands and high-end fashion brands.

3. Players can independently decide on investment strategies, negotiate and sign contracts with brand owners.

4. Players need to pay attention to customer satisfaction and shopping experience, and constantly optimize the operation strategy of the shopping mall.

Game Highlights

1. Follow us to experience the wonderful life of the supermarket and buy all the products we have prepared for you.

2. A pleasant business experience can relax your sense of freshness, harvest more resources, and play different roles.

3. It is full of charming and interesting exploration methods and cartoon game pictures, attracting children's attention.

4. During the operation of each supermarket, players can obtain rich simulation benefits and rewards.

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