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Captain TNT APKCaptain TNT free for Android

Captain TNT APK

2.0.15 Android Version

Date:Jun 11, 2024
Package Name:com.feelnside.explodeme
  • Captain TNT APK
  • Captain TNT APK
  • Captain TNT APK
  • Captain TNT APK
  • Captain TNT APK
  • Captain TNT APK

Captain TNT is a unique and interesting destruction game. Players will play the role of a destruction expert and can smash walls, demolish houses, and destroy buildings to experience the unique fun of destruction. Players can unlock new level challenges by choosing different tools and destruction methods, show their destruction skills, and create amazing destruction scenes. Through a realistic physics engine, rich and diverse destruction scenes, and a fun and funny game atmosphere, Captain TNT allows players to fully release their desire for destruction in the game and experience the unique decompression fun.

Game Description

Unleash your inner demolition expert in Captain TNT, the ultimate building destruction game! With a wide array of powerful explosives at your disposal, it's time to bring down structures in spectacular fashion. Strategize your blasts, place your dynamite carefully, and watch the chaos unfold as buildings crumble to the ground.

Game Play

In Captain TNT, your mission is simple: destroy various buildings using a range of explosive tools. From dynamite sticks to powerful bombs, every explosive has its own unique effect. Place them strategically to maximize the damage and ensure the complete demolition of each structure. As you progress, levels become more challenging, requiring careful planning and precise execution.

Key Features

Variety of Explosives: Use dynamite, bombs, barrels, and detonators to demolish different structures. Challenging Levels: Each level presents unique challenges and structures to destroy. Realistic Physics: Enjoy lifelike destruction with our advanced physics engine. Strategic Gameplay: Plan your demolition carefully to achieve the best results and unlock new levels. Stunning Graphics: Experience high-quality graphics that bring the demolition action to life. Intuitive Controls: Easy-to-use controls that make blowing up buildings fun and accessible.


Our biggest update with a huge amount of improvements. Now it's even better!

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