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Hair Clipper Prank: Funny Sounds apkHair Clipper Prank: Funny Sounds apk latest version download

Hair Clipper Prank: Funny Sounds apk

1.4.6 Android version

Date:Jun 11, 2024
Package Name:com.hairclipper.pranksounds.funnyjoke
  • Hair Clipper Prank: Funny Sounds apk
  • Hair Clipper Prank: Funny Sounds apk
  • Hair Clipper Prank: Funny Sounds apk
  • Hair Clipper Prank: Funny Sounds apk

A particularly funny prank software, here also brings a special screen-breaking gameplay for users and friends. Friends can click here to complete the screen-breaking effect. You can set the trigger method by yourself. It is still very interesting and interesting. Friends, download it now!

Game introduction

This scissor simulator perfectly simulates the sounds and vibrations, web user interface and changeable colors of a real hair clipper. You can also find the names of some hair clippers in our app

Game features

One-click online forwarding makes chatting more interesting. Various stickers are provided to you for free.

You can make it online as you like, and matching emoticon packs are also provided.

You can set any text you want.

Game Highlights

1. Various shattering effects: Provides a variety of screen shattering effects to meet the prank needs of different scenarios.

2. Custom settings: Users can choose different crushing effects according to their preferences, and adjust parameters such as the number and size of fragments.

3. Multiple triggering methods: The software supports multiple triggering methods such as touching the screen, shaking the device, and timing, making it convenient for users to carry out pranks in different scenarios.

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