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Countryballs game

0.5.0 Free version

Date:Jun 11, 2024
Package Name:com.no2.countryballvszombie
  • Countryballs game
  • Countryballs game
  • Countryballs game
  • Countryballs game
  • Countryballs game
  • Countryballs game
  • Countryballs game
  • Countryballs game

Countryballs It is a war strategy shooting competition mobile game. There are many different gameplays and a large number of game scenes waiting for you to unlock and experience. Various Poland ball gameplays are waiting for you here. You can see yourself on the map. The actions of surrounding forces are quite interesting to play. Friends who like to play war adventures should not miss it!

Game introduction

Countryballs It is a very exciting adventure shooting game. Use a variety of different weapons, such as firearms, grenades, etc., to fight against various terrifying zombies to protect your territory in a tragic world occupied by hordes of undead. The fate of humanity hangs in the balance as you embark on a gripping journey to forge alliances with the nations of the world, build a powerful army, and fight the relentless zombie threat.

Countryballs How to play

Choose any nation and lead it to victory in battles on the map. Fight for every piece of land in your state. Explore other continents across seas and conquer the whole world!

Control your army and use logic and strategy to win battles. Become a champion! Capture new territories, upgrade your country, build a strong economy, and lead your country to prosperity!

Combat involves capturing territories, accumulating resources, and moving armies between them. Multiple states can participate in the war at the same time. Come up with a strategy to win wars around the world!

Use your strategic thinking and logic to win the battle! At first glance, everything is simple - raise an army to attack, but remember that resources are limited and you need to think about defense. Move troops and outwit your opponents.

Countryballs Game features

Increase gold reserves by upgrading production activities.

It is also possible to increase your gold reserves by trading commodities.

Use gold reserves to upgrade your army and then colonize.

This war simulator requires tactics, not strength. You have to use your brain, not your muscles. You are sure to have a lot of fun on the different maps we have added just for you.

Enjoy our free RTS online or offline, play 1v1 on the first level and compete against more rivals at higher levels.

Are you ready to complete this great conquest and create your domination story? Then download the game to start your strategic expansion.

Think strategically and react quickly to conquer countries and territories in an epic conflict game!

Countryballs Gameplay

The rankings are updated in real time, and the obstacle clips are constantly displayed to test the player's hand speed and response ability;

The gameplay is very unique, the innovative fist adventure challenges are very interesting, and bring a relaxing, fun and free experience.

With the small and novel mobile game screen, you can always play mobile games quickly and try to get more diamonds;

Countryballs Game review

1. Endless game modes, choose your favorite country ball.

2. Engage in fierce new battles, press battle start and defeat the zombies.

3. New exclusive country ball, buy new units and place them on the board

4. Exciting gameplay, merge two identical troops to create a brand new warrior.

5. Fascinating soundtrack to prepare you for the coming battle.

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