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2.609.387 for Android

Date:May 13, 2024
Package Name:com.roblox.client
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The Roblox mobile version is a large open multiplayer sandbox game. The game uses the classic and popular pixel style setting. It also has exquisite and fresh picture scenes and cartoon -colored characters. The sound effect of the game, I believe that it can give players different previous sandbox experiences. The game needs to create a world of your own through the imagination of the player. You can also play with your friends. Together with your friends, decorate the house, take the subway, and visit the shopping mall. You can also make many new friends and experience the fun of the game with them. Not only that, the ROBLOX mobile version also has thousands of world templates. You can freely create an exclusive world scene. The virtual image of the character can also be customized freely. Design new characters to participate in adventure. In addition, the ROBLOX mobile version sets of action shooting, role -playing, parkour racing, adventure puzzle solution, etc., so the gameplay is very rich, such as predicting magma, defense statues, crazy marbles, crazy marbles , Cliff climbers, surprise corridors, etc., have different gameplay and mechanisms in different modes, and these different points can bring players into a new sandbox world!

Game Introduction

Roblox is a large multiplayer online game creation platform that allows users to design their own games, items, T -shirts and clothes, and provide a variety of different types of games. Many games on the platform are written based on LUA language. Roblox also provides some special services, such as real -time interaction, chatting, private messages and group functions between users, especially for the social needs of young users.

Roblox was co -founded by two founders David Baszucki and Erik Cassel in 2004. The headquarters is located in St. Matto  in California. Initially, ROBLOX was developed by developers and investors' core teams. Later, it gradually evolved into a mass platform, attracting the user group worldwide.

Game Features

The user -friendly interface and operation process are suitable for players of all ages;

Game creation tools Roblox Studio , allowing users to create and share the game by themselves;

Rich virtual products and services, such as clothing, hats, virtual currencies, etc., for personalized players' virtual images;

Safe environment, ensure that minor users play under proper protection;

Powerful community support encourages interaction and innovation among users.

In addition, ROBLOX supports cross -platform play, including Windows, Mac, Android, iOS and other operating systems, and is compatible with VR devices. Most games on Roblox are completely open for players, but some games may include internal purchase elements.

Game Play

Custom virtual puppet

We offer a variety of a hat, top, expression, equipment and other props, so that you can become a new character!

Chat with friends

Use functions such as chat, private message, group and other functions to communicate with friends!

Large multiplayer online experience

Together with friends and many virtual explorers in different social games. Computers, mobile devices, video game consoles and virtual reality devices all support ROBLOX. We have more than 700,000 creators to create the world's largest users in the world to create game communities, and wait for you to experience the games they create.

Completely free

ROBLOX is completely free, providing additional payment options in the game.

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