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Detective Masters apk The latest version

Date:Jul 10, 2024
Package Name:com.odininteractive.detectivemaster
  • Detective Masters apk
  • Detective Masters apk
  • Detective Masters apk
  • Detective Masters apk
  • Detective Masters apk
  • Detective Masters apk
  • Detective Masters apk

Detective Masters is a mobile game with the theme of detective reasoning. Players play the role of top detectives in the game. By constantly searching for clues and questioning prisoners, they finally find out the real murderer and solve various criminal cases. The game contains hundreds of levels. Each level is designed with different puzzles and challenges.

Game introduction

Detective Masters is a very interesting fault-finding mobile game. In this mobile game, you can see all kinds of interesting things. You can solve puzzles in different places and find the answers step by step. The game screen is cartoony and the operation is simple and easy to use. If you are interested, please click to download and give it a try!

Game features

1. Multiple level modes bring ultimate enjoyment, and super-large map scenes provide more fun to explore.

2. Find the key to solving the puzzle in interactive scenes and distinctive hand-painted illustrations.

3. Discover more things in the scene, each with different content hidden in it.

4. The game style is very magical, showing players a very unique way of interaction.

Game Highlights

1. The game has a lot of content. Players can develop their own brain thinking and develop different interesting question and answer modes;

2. Players can easily experience different game tours, and there are various achievements that players can achieve themselves;

3. There are many different puzzle journeys, players can experience different game fun and develop their own brain thinking;

4. The painting style is relatively unique. Players can experience many different elegant arts and give themselves a different gaming experience.

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