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Nowhere House apk

1.1.11 Android version

Date:Jul 10, 2024
Package Name:air.com.darkdome.nowhere.house
  • Nowhere House apk
  • Nowhere House apk
  • Nowhere House apk
  • Nowhere House apk
  • Nowhere House apk
  • Nowhere House apk

Nowhere House It is a casual puzzle escape mobile game. There are many different ways to play and a large amount of puzzle content waiting for you in the game. Here you can continue to go on puzzle adventures. More fun escape modes are here for you. More classic puzzle plots will not disappoint you. Without further ado, come here to download it!

Game introduction

Nowhere House In Not Our Home, players will be placed in a mysterious room, where they will find the items and clues they need in different scenes, avoid danger, and find their way home. Many puzzling things will happen in this room, and the scenes in the game are still quite spooky. You need to find the exit in such a game environment to get a chance to escape. Remember that every detail is important, and you need to use your smart brain to solve them and get the final escape clues.

Nowhere House Game features

1. A suicidal teenager came to the cursed witch's house. The heroine was trapped and turned on the escape mode. First take a photo in the drawer. There is a hint we need on the shelf behind the witch in the photo.

2. Open the blue door and enter the bathroom. Place the jars on the shelf according to the hints in the photo. After completing it, take the "key" below. Then open the cabinet above the sink to get the "intercom", then go out and use the key to open the door on the left side of the clock.

3. Enter the stairwell and take the blue "notebook" on the shelf, then open the drawer on the upper layer of the safe to observe the note inside. The note prompts us to play music to the chimney.

4. Get two "batteries" in the drawer cabinet on the right side of the white door, first put the batteries into the intercom, then adjust the channel to 4 to listen to the music played in the intercom, and then click the radio to adjust the channel to the music channel you hear (remember the channel number here, different music corresponds to different channels). Note: Combine items: Select props-Grab-select the props to be combined. In addition, there is a password symbol in the drawer on the lower right side of the radio.

5. Go to the fireplace and lift the white cloth on the picture frame to enter the plot. Then use the intercom on the fireplace to receive a "note". Observe the symbols on it and combine it with the channel number of the radio to get four symbol codes. Note: The line on the wall on the right side of the radio represents the nine-character keyboard, which can be used in combination with the note.

6. Enter the symbol code to open the cabinet on the right side of the main door, and then click the red box on the lower right to complete the mechanism (linking the dots) to get the "white gem" inside.

7. Embed the gem in the groove below the picture frame to come to the back world, then talk to Meridia to get the task, then go to the bathroom to search for props to get the "crucible", "canned fish" and "carrot".

8. Enter the stairwell and take the "gardening shovel" in the drawer. There is another symbol code in the drawer above it. Then turn around and observe the floor plan on the right side of the backyard door. There is a prop where the red cross is marked.

9. Go out from the white door to adjust the perspective, use the gardening shovel to dig the ground on the left side of the door to get a "key", and then get a "blue flower" behind the stone on the right.

10. Go back to the stairwell and use the key to open the blue table, then put the notebook on it, and then splice the four people's portraits. Observe the prompts above to get a set of symbolic codes. Note: The first page of the notebook has the order of the four people's names J.A.C.P. Observe the symbols they are staring at.

11. Click the picture frame in the prop bar to switch the world. After returning to reality, go to the stairs in the stairwell and use the symbolic code to open the red key on the attic door panel, then enter the attic to search and get the "dice" and "oil pot".

12. Go back to the stairwell and use the oil pot to lubricate the rusty safe door shaft, then open it and take out the "skull" inside, then switch the world and open the clock base to put it on.

13. When the clock is removed, a mechanism will appear. First, give the dice to Meridia to get the password (the number will change, depending on the actual situation), then enter the password to open the secret compartment to get the "red gem".

Nowhere House Game play

1. Complex puzzles that are linked together: A series of intricate logical puzzles and hidden mechanisms are carefully designed. Players need to solve each mystery through observation, reasoning and practice to gradually reveal the secrets deep in the game.

2. Delicate horror atmosphere creation: The game creates a mysterious and slightly thrilling atmosphere with high-quality graphics and sound effects, making players feel as if they are in an abandoned house full of unknown and weird things, enhancing the sense of substitution and immersive experience.

3. Rich and varied scene design: The internal structure of the "Nowhere House" in the game is intricate, and each room is full of historical traces and obscure clues. Players need to explore one by one to discover the dusty past stories and unlock new escape routes.

4. Multiple ending settings: The game sets a variety of different endings. The player's choice will directly affect the development of the plot and the final ending, which greatly increases the replay value of the game and makes every play full of new challenges and surprises.

5. Fascinating plot: The intricate storyline, full of suspense and mystery, will keep you coming back for more. The three parallel worlds are seamlessly connected, bringing you a unique experience of multiple time and space interweaving.

Nowhere House Game review

1. Objects in different scenes need players to collect them one by one to expand the backpack clues.

2. Basic challenge gameplay of Nowhere House and various special contents.

3. Reasonable use of each prop to escape. The operation is very simple.

4. Rich clues, try to get them, so that a series of problems can be solved quickly.

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