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subway surfers international versionSubway Surfers Android latest version download

subway surfers international version

3.25.1 The official version

Date:May 13, 2024
Package Name:com.kiloo.subwaysurf
  • subway surfers international version
  • subway surfers international version
  • subway surfers international version
  • subway surfers international version
  • subway surfers international version

SubwaySurfers is a very classic arcade-style parkour adventure game. Players need to continuously control the character to flexibly avoid various obstacles and collect gold coins on the way. It will test your reaction ability and operation skills. More challenging levels are waiting for you to play. !Friends who like it are welcome to download!

game introduction

The game takes place on the subway tracks. Players will play as young graffiti artists and use spray paint cans to paint graffiti on the outer skin of the train. When the grumpy guard finds out, the player immediately runs away to avoid the constant pursuit of the guard and the dog. During the running process, players will pick up gold coins, keys, props and other items along the way. At the same time, they need to avoid obstacles such as trains and other objects in front of them. They can also jump on the top of the train and use skateboards to avoid capture. The game will end until the player hits an obstacle, is hit by a train, or is caught by a guard.

Advantages of subway surfers

1. Avoid roadblocks and telephone poles, jump and slide left and right, up and down, and run forward without stopping.

2. The game has a lot of welfare rewards. The gold coins and diamonds you eat can be used to exchange for various props and items.

3. The game screen is high-definition and delicate, and you can freely choose from various parkour gameplays. A new adventure begins here.

4. The overall operation of the game is relatively simple, you can easily get started and start various exciting parkour battles.

5. There is also a Midsummer Festival collection event in the game. Collect doll head ice cream along the way to get special rewards. There are also fixed weekly tasks to collect Inca statues and win mysterious rewards. Guys, let’s have fun in Peru.

Features of subwaysurfers

1. Parkour in the new map scene, flexibly control the character to avoid more dangerous obstacles and rush forward.

2. Exciting PK challenges, stimulating competitive gameplay, experience different scenery, and unlock more props to make you run faster.

3. As the holiday atmosphere increases, there are many easter eggs waiting for you to uncover. Just in time, start a parkour carnival.

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