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polarr 24fps for androidpolarr 24fps premium apk

polarr 24fps for android

3.1.36 free version

Size:51 MB
Date:Jun 07, 2024
Package Name:co.polarr.video.editor
  • polarr 24fps for android
  • polarr 24fps for android
  • polarr 24fps for android

Polarr 24FPS is a software that focuses on video color editing, produced by Polarr. The software is designed to help users adjust the output content of videos from multiple aspects, color process videos, and thus create video works with unique styles and color effects.

How to use Polarr 24FPS?

Import videos: First, users need to import the videos to be edited into Polarr 24FPS.

Select filters and color adjustment: Then, users can select appropriate filters from the built-in filter library, or manually adjust the video's hue, brightness, contrast and other parameters to achieve the desired visual effect.

Editing and editing: Next, users can use the editing tools provided by Polarr 24FPS to trim, splice, adjust speed and crop videos, and support multiple cropping ratios.

Add special effects and subtitles: Users can also add various special effects and subtitles to videos to enrich the video content.

Export and share: Finally, users can export the edited videos into multiple video formats and share them on major social media platforms.

Is Polarr 24FPS free?

Polarr 24FPS software itself provides a basic version for users to use for free. However, some advanced features or specific filters may require users to pay or subscribe to related services before they can use them. The specific charging situation may change due to version updates or policy adjustments. It is recommended that users refer to the instructions on the official website or app store.

Polarr 24FPS core functions:

Video color editing: Provides powerful video color editing functions, supports users to manually adjust the hue, brightness, contrast and other parameters of the video, or select built-in filters for quick color adjustment.

Editing and splicing: Provides a wealth of editing tools, supports users to trim, splice, speed and crop videos, and supports multiple cropping ratios.

Special effects and subtitles: Supports adding various special effects and subtitles to videos, such as blur, mosaic, zoom, etc., to enhance the viewing and expressiveness of videos.

Smart filter recommendation: Based on the intelligent algorithm of user deep learning, it can recommend suitable filters according to the video content to improve the video quality.

Professional LUTs support: Supports importing LUT files and all QR code filters from Polarr Photo Editor, providing users with more choices.

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