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Swapify - Face Swap Videoswapify free online

Swapify - Face Swap Video

1.32 free version

Size:88 MB
Date:Jun 07, 2024
Package Name:com.swapface.androidapp
  • Swapify - Face Swap Video
  • Swapify - Face Swap Video
  • Swapify - Face Swap Video
  • Swapify - Face Swap Video
  • Swapify - Face Swap Video

Swapify is a mobile app that focuses on face-swapping. Users can capture or import avatars and make fine adjustments to achieve the perfect face-swapping effect. The images produced by the app are clear and high-resolution, and can be shared to different social media platforms with one click. Swapify is easy to use and works on mobile phones and tablets, whether in portrait or landscape mode.

How to use Swapify?

Capture or import avatars: First, users can choose to take a photo directly or import existing pictures from their mobile album.

Fine-tuning: After importing the avatar, Swapify will try to automatically detect and locate the face. If it fails to detect accurately, users can manually locate it by adjusting the position and size of the mask.

Face-swapping: After the face is located, users can select another face image they want to replace it with and perform the face-swapping operation. Swapify provides powerful control functions, allowing users to move, scale, and rotate the mask for the best effect.

Save and share: After completing the face-swapping, users can save the picture to their mobile album and share the work to major social media platforms with the one-click sharing function.

Is Swapify free?

Swapify is a free face-swapping app that users can download and use all its features for free.

Swapify core features:

Face swapping: By capturing or importing avatars, users can swap two faces and create interesting face swapping pictures.

High-quality output: The pictures produced by Swapify are clear and high-pixel, ensuring the realism of the face swapping effect.

One-click sharing: Supports one-click sharing of works to major social media platforms, making it convenient for users to share their creativity with friends.

Powerful control function: Provides control functions for moving, scaling and rotating masks, and users can adjust the masks according to their needs to achieve the best effect.

Cross-platform support: Swapify is suitable for mobile phones and tablets, and can be easily used in both portrait and landscape modes.

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