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1.0.8 Android version

Date:Jun 07, 2024
Package Name:com.meritplus.android
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A professional news reading software. Users can express their opinions and understand relevant program descriptions by watching various programs. The functions are also relatively comprehensive and can bring good discussion services to everyone. Friends in need can download it now. Bar!

Software introduction

Your premier news and entertainment streaming destination that respects your intelligence. Led by the vision of best-selling author and award-winning television host Dr. Phil McGraw, we are committed to moving America forward by honoring our nation's rich heritage as a place of hope, joy, and opportunity. Together we celebrate human achievement, fight for justice, cherish family, and strive to make you start and end every day feeling inspired, enlightened, informed, and connected

Software features

Inspiring Watching: Experience content designed to enlighten, enlighten and inform. Start and end your day feeling connected to the stories that matter.

FRIENDLY FOR FAMILY: Enjoy a platform that prioritizes content that values family values, justice and human achievement.

Accessibility: Stream anytime, anywhere, on any device. Our apps reach more than 65 million TV households, extending this experience into your hands.

Software Highlights

Watch live: Visit Merit Street Media Live

Get notifications: Stay informed about new content with in-app notifications

100% Unbiased News: Breaking news coverage and featured segments, plus full morning and evening news programming.

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