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Livvy app download

5.5.1 latest version

Size:56 MB
Date:Jun 18, 2024
Package Name:chat.livvy.appVideo.com
  • Livvy app download
  • Livvy app download
  • Livvy app download
  • Livvy app download

A chat software that focuses on providing high-quality voice and video calls. It is committed to providing users with a convenient and secure communication experience, and has a variety of practical functions to meet the diverse needs of users in daily communication.

Livvy core functions?

Voice and video calls: Livvy supports high-definition voice and video calls, and users can keep in touch with friends, family or colleagues anytime, anywhere.

Multi-person calls: The software supports multiple people talking at the same time, which is convenient for users to conduct group discussions or meetings.

File transfer: Users can transfer files such as pictures, documents, etc. during the call to achieve more efficient communication.

Privacy protection: Livvy pays attention to user privacy protection and uses advanced encryption technology to ensure the security and privacy of call content.

Cross-platform support: The software supports a variety of operating systems and devices, and users can use Livvy to make calls on mobile phones, tablets or computers.

How to use Livvy?

Download and install: Users can download and install the Livvy chat software from the official website or app store.

Register and log in: After opening the software, follow the prompts to register and log in to the account.

Add contacts: Search and add contacts in the software, or import contacts from the mobile phone address book.

Initiate a call: Select a contact and initiate a voice or video call, and wait for the other party to answer to start the call.

Usage function: During the call, users can use practical functions such as file transfer and screen sharing to improve communication efficiency.

Is Livvy free?

Regarding the question of whether Livvy is free, since it is not the specific software mentioned in the reference article, it is impossible to give an accurate answer directly. However, in general, chat software may have free and paid versions. The free version usually includes basic communication functions, while the paid version may provide more advanced functions and better service quality. It is recommended that users check the official website or app store page of the software before downloading and using it to understand the specific charges and usage restrictions.

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