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Wallpaper Engine apk

2.5.1 Android version

Date:Jul 09, 2024
Package Name:io.wallpaperengine.weclient
  • Wallpaper Engine apk
  • Wallpaper Engine apk
  • Wallpaper Engine apk
  • Wallpaper Engine apk

A very easy-to-use wallpaper software with a large number of dynamic wallpapers. You can find many high-quality wallpaper resources in this software. You can set the lock screen and desktop with one click to make your phone more beautiful. Supports Steam Creative Workshop, which can turn your wallpaper into a moving gif.

Software introduction

The Wallpaper Engine mobile companion app allows you to import your live wallpaper collection onto your Android device with ease. Connect to Wallpaper Engine on Windows and transfer your existing live wallpaper collection to the mobile app or import local videos and GIFs and use them as live wallpapers with ease

Software features

Supports videos, GIFs and interactive 2D / 3D scenes as wallpapers.

Connect to Wallpaper Engine on Windows to transfer your desktop library onto your phone.

Allows you to customize the look and feel of your wallpapers.

Software Highlights

You can set up a playlist that automatically cycles your wallpapers in regular intervals or depending on the time of day.

Wallpapers automatically pause when power savings mode is activated on your phone.

The app is completely ad-free and also does not track your behavior.

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