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Blood Sugar apk

1.3.9 Android version

Date:Jun 19, 2024
Package Name:com.bloodsugar.bloodpressure.bloodsugartracking
  • Blood Sugar apk
  • Blood Sugar apk
  • Blood Sugar apk
  • Blood Sugar apk

The health detector software created here also brings a wealth of health service functions. Users can instantly complete heart rate monitoring on the platform. Users in need can download it now!

Software introduction

Blood Glucose app has brand new features of blood pressure tracker. With this innovative feature, users can now conveniently track their blood sugar levels and blood pressure on one comprehensive platform. This new feature aims to provide a comprehensive approach to health monitoring, giving users a deeper understanding of their overall health

Software features

Easily track and monitor blood sugar levels, track my blood pressure.

Dive into your readings to assess your health.

Clear charts to monitor blood sugar readings, blood pressure readings

Custom labels for each record to record different statuses (before/after meals, fasting, insulin use, etc.).

Software Highlights

Replace paper records with our convenient digital records. Add custom labels to record measurement status in detail, such as meal times, medication, etc. These insights can help with diabetes management.

Visualize your blood sugar history with clear graphs to help you see changes and spot unusual trends.

Get extensive information about blood sugar for various types of diabetes, including type 1 diabetes, type 2 diabetes, and gestational diabetes.

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