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Impulse - Brain Training GamesImpulse game apk download

Impulse - Brain Training Games

1.1.0 Android version

Date:Jun 20, 2024
Package Name:gen.tech.impulse.android
  • Impulse - Brain Training Games
  • Impulse - Brain Training Games
  • Impulse - Brain Training Games
  • Impulse - Brain Training Games

There are a variety of testing methods in it. Users can choose according to their own needs. After the test is completed, there will be a detailed report to explain, which can help users easily understand the situation. Interested friends, hurry up and download it to experience it!

Software introduction

Train your brain with our focus, concentration, problem solving, mental arithmetic, thinking, ADHD and smart cognitive games. Keep a cool head with our relaxation, anxiety relief, stress relief and mental health games!

Software features

Scientific assessment: Based on psychological theory, a variety of testing methods are used to comprehensively evaluate children's concentration level.

Training tasks: Provide training tasks of different difficulties according to the child's age and concentration level to improve the child's concentration.

Progress Tracking: Track your child's progress in real time, record the results of each test and training, and provide parents with a comprehensive focus development report.

Software Highlights

1. Recommend suitable concentration training programs for everyone based on your evaluation results.

2. Contains different training programs to meet the needs of users.

3. The platform can provide you with a lot of evaluations and you can test them at any time.

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