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E360 App 2024e360 app for android

E360 App 2024

7.0.1 latest version

Size:67 MB
Date:Jul 07, 2024
Package Name:com.essence.fest
  • E360 App 2024
  • E360 App 2024
  • E360 App 2024
  • E360 App 2024

Developed by Eloit Innovations Private Limited. It is mainly used for school management and can record and process all important information related to students, faculty, fees, exams, transportation, library, etc. The application ensures information security through advanced interface and high-end encryption technology, aiming to help educational institutions save time and money, improve productivity and efficiency.

How to use E360 App?

Registration and Login: After opening the app, register or log in according to the prompts. If it is used by a school or educational institution, a specific account and password provided by the administrator may be required.

Functional Use: After logging in, you can see the main interface of the app, which usually has modules such as student management, faculty management, fee management, examination management, transportation management, and library management. Select the corresponding module for operation according to your needs.

Data Entry and Query: In the corresponding module, you can enter or query relevant information. For example, in the student management module, you can enter the student's basic information, grades, attendance, etc.; in the fee management module, you can enter the student's payment record, etc.

Security and Encryption: The security of information is ensured through advanced interfaces and high-end encryption technology. Users do not need to worry about data leakage.

Is E360 App Free?

For Edisapp e360, according to the information I obtained, it is free. Similarly, e360tv Network is also described as a free application. However, please note that some applications may provide additional paid features or premium versions, so it is best to check the detailed description and pricing information of the application before using it.

E360 App core functions:

Student management: record and manage students' basic information, grades, attendance, etc.

Faculty management: record and manage faculty and staff's basic information, job responsibilities, assessments, etc.

Expense management: record and manage students' payment records, arrears, etc.

Exam management: arrange and organize exams, enter exam scores, etc.

Transportation management: manage students' school bus pick-up, transportation costs, etc.

Library management: manage library collections, borrowing records, etc.

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