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Indeed Job Search apk 2024indeed job search app is real or fake

Indeed Job Search apk 2024

184.0 latest version

Size:174 MB
Date:Jul 08, 2024
Package Name:com.indeed.android.jobsearch
  • Indeed Job Search apk 2024
  • Indeed Job Search apk 2024
  • Indeed Job Search apk 2024
  • Indeed Job Search apk 2024

Indeed Job Search is a job search application software designed for job seekers, developed by Indeed, the world's largest job search engine. The software aggregates hundreds of recruitment websites, newspapers, job search agencies and other resources at home and abroad, providing a one-stop job search service. Indeed Job Search has a wide application base in China, and is deeply loved by job seekers for its comprehensive job information, simple interface design and convenient operation.

How to use Indeed Job Search?

Register and log in: After opening the application, register an Indeed account according to the prompts and fill in a complete personal profile. This helps the system recommend suitable job opportunities more accurately.

Search for jobs: Enter keywords (such as job title, industry, location, etc.) in the search box, and the system will display a list of job opportunities related to the keyword. You can further refine the search results by setting filtering conditions (such as job type, location, salary range, etc.).

View job details: Click on the job you are interested in to view the detailed information of the job, including company profile, job description, salary and benefits, etc. Some jobs also provide links to apply online or submit resumes.

Apply for a job: If you meet the job requirements and are interested, you can submit an application directly on Indeed. Some companies also provide online interview and test functions to make the application process more convenient and faster.

Track application progress: On the profile page, you can view the positions you have applied for and track the progress of your application.

Is Indeed Job Search free?

Yes, Indeed Job Search is a free software. Job seekers do not need to pay any fees to use the job search, application and tracking functions it provides.

Core functions of Indeed Job Search:

Comprehensive job search: Aggregates hundreds of recruitment resources at home and abroad, provides comprehensive job information, and allows job seekers to avoid visiting each recruitment website separately.

Intelligent recommendation: Intelligently recommends suitable job opportunities based on the job seeker's profile and search history.

Filtering and sorting: Provides a variety of filtering and sorting options to help job seekers quickly find jobs that meet their requirements.

Job details preview: Displays detailed information of the job, including company profile, job description, salary and benefits, etc., to help job seekers fully understand the job information.

Online application and tracking: Supports online application for positions and tracking the progress of applications, making the job search process more convenient and efficient.

User feedback and evaluation: Some positions provide employee rating and company evaluation functions to help job seekers better understand corporate culture and work atmosphere.

Job update reminder: You can set up a reminder function to notify job seekers in time when new jobs are posted or there are updates to the jobs you have followed.

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