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AI Moment apk 2024AI Moment free app

AI Moment apk 2024

1.0.1 latest version

Size:36 MB
Date:Jul 09, 2024
Package Name:com.aimoment.chat
  • AI Moment apk 2024
  • AI Moment apk 2024
  • AI Moment apk 2024
  • AI Moment apk 2024

An image management software that integrates AI intelligent recognition technology. It can help users automatically analyze, classify and organize photos, providing a convenient photo management experience. Through deep learning algorithms, Moments can identify information such as people, themes, places, etc. in photos and classify them accordingly. It also supports similar photo search, automatic color correction and other functions. These functions enable users to manage and browse their photo libraries more efficiently.

How to use AI Moment?

Although there are no instructions for using "AI Moment" directly, I can outline the use of similar software based on my experience using Synology Moments:

Installation and setup: First, users need to install and set up the Moments package (or similar software) on their devices. This usually involves finding and installing Moments in the Package Center of Synology NAS, and then performing the necessary configuration.

Importing photos: After installing and setting up the software, users need to import their photos into Moments. This can be achieved by specifying a photo folder as the storage location for Moments, or through the upload function of Moments.

Intelligent analysis: After importing photos, Moments will automatically start intelligent analysis of these photos. This process may take some time, depending on the number of photos and the performance of the device.

Browsing and management: After the intelligent analysis is completed, users can browse and manage their photos through various views provided by Moments (such as timeline, people, themes, etc.). At the same time, users can also tag photos, add descriptions, and other operations to better organize and find them.

Is AI Moment free?

Regarding the question of whether "AI Moment" is free, since there is no direct information about the software, it is impossible to give a definite answer. However, as far as Synology Moments is concerned, it is a free package in the Synology NAS Package Center (the specific details may vary depending on the version and promotional activities), and users can install and use it for free after purchasing Synology NAS.

AI Moment Core Functions:

Based on the functional characteristics of Synology Moments, we can speculate that "AI Moment" may have the following core functions:

Intelligent recognition and classification: Automatically identify information such as people, themes, and places in photos through deep learning algorithms, and classify them accordingly.

Similar photo search: Help users quickly find similar photos in the photo library to avoid duplicate storage and waste of space.

Automatic color correction: Automatically beautify photos to improve the overall effect of photos.

Convenient browsing and management: Provides multiple views and tools to facilitate users to browse, search and manage photo libraries.

Privacy protection: All photo analysis and management operations are performed locally and will not be uploaded to the public network to protect user privacy.

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