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peakfinder app 2024peakfinder free alternative

peakfinder app 2024

4.7.26 latest version

Size:61 MB
Date:Jul 10, 2024
Package Name:org.peakfinder.area.alps
  • peakfinder app 2024
  • peakfinder app 2024
  • peakfinder app 2024
  • peakfinder app 2024

PeakFinder is a mobile app designed for mountaineering enthusiasts, outdoor adventurers and geography enthusiasts. It can help users quickly identify and understand the information of the peaks in front of them. This app includes data on more than 950,000 peaks and supports peak query and identification worldwide. PeakFinder is known for its powerful 360° panoramic display function, allowing users to intuitively see the full picture of the surrounding mountains and obtain detailed peak information.

How to use PeakFinder?

Download and install: First, users need to search for "PeakFinder" in the mobile phone's application store (such as App Store, Google Play, etc.) and download and install it.

Enable positioning: After opening the PeakFinder application, make sure the GPS positioning function of the mobile phone is turned on so that the application can accurately obtain the user's location information.

Select a viewpoint: After entering the application, users need to select a viewpoint. You can select "Current location" to view the surrounding peak information, or use the "Search" function to locate a specific location.

View peak information: PeakFinder displays a 360° panoramic view of the surrounding peaks based on the user's location and viewpoint, and annotates the name, altitude, longitude and latitude of each peak. Users can view peaks in different areas by sliding the screen or zooming in and out.

Use professional features: PeakFinder also provides a variety of professional features, such as adjusting sun shadows and printing peak view maps. Users can choose to use these features to obtain more detailed peak information or perform other operations as needed.

Is PeakFinder free?

PeakFinder is a paid application, and its price may vary depending on the region and time. However, PeakFinder also provides a free web version, which users can access and use its basic functions on the official website. It should be noted that although the web version can be used for free, the mobile version (iPhone, Android, etc.) is paid.

PeakFinder core features:

360° panoramic display: PeakFinder can create a 360-degree panoramic sketch and indicate the name, altitude, longitude and latitude of the peaks or hills in the visible range, as well as the position relative to the user.

Offline use: Although the initial download of the data package may be slow, PeakFinder supports offline use. Users can download the data package of the required area when there is an Internet connection, and then use it normally even without an Internet connection.

Professional functions: In addition to the basic peak identification function, PeakFinder also provides professional functions such as adjusting sun shadows and printing peak view maps. These functions can help users understand the peak information more comprehensively and provide convenience for mountaineering and expedition activities.

Multi-platform support: PeakFinder not only supports mobile versions (iPhone, Android, etc.), but also provides a web version. Users can choose the appropriate platform to use according to their needs.

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