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Little Caesars apk

24.5.2 Android version

Date:Jun 07, 2024
Package Name:com.littlecaesars
  • Little Caesars apk
  • Little Caesars apk
  • Little Caesars apk
  • Little Caesars apk

An official mobile food app. This app launches the latest activities of nearby restaurants every day. Various points can be redeemed for different foods. It is an app that every foodie likes.

Software introduction

We make the simplest way even simpler! Order your pizza, pick it up (or have it delivered) and enjoy your pizza!

Software features

View restaurants near you, more check-in activities and exclusive offers for APP users

Summarize my check-ins, my messages, my cards and coupons, QR code scanning and other functions

Keep up to date with the latest offers/activities at Pizza Hut restaurants near you and share them with your friends

Software Highlights

Find the location of the nearest Pizza Hut restaurant at any time and plan the best route there

From main dishes such as pizza, pasta, baked rice, and rock grill series to tapas and salads,

There are also casual breakfasts, special lunches on weekdays, and afternoon tea, everything you need

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