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SuperCook app

2.0.219 Android version

Date:Jun 07, 2024
Package Name:com.supercook.app
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  • SuperCook app
  • SuperCook app
  • SuperCook app

A collection of home-cooked recipes, which contains a wide variety of home-cooked recipes, including breakfast, vegetarian dishes, pasta, soup, etc. that we usually eat. There are also popular recipes of the week and popular rankings for everyone to see. Which dish you like more? The tutorial steps for cooking are also very detailed, so you can follow them completely.

Software introduction

How many times have you been searching for the perfect recipe, only to find one or more ingredients missing? How many times have you opened the refrigerator and thought to yourself – what can I cook? How many times have you thrown away an ingredient because you didn’t know how to use it before it expired?

Software features

1. Ingredient combinations: Search for ingredients to easily get more recipe combinations!

2. Dish name search: Quick search function, you can directly search for the dish name if you want to eat it!

3. Detailed classification: Make a detailed classification according to the types of dishes!

Software Highlights

1. Selected high-quality recipes to make your weekend more delicious;

2. The enthusiastic food circle allows you to share and exchange your own stories and your own delicious food;

3. Delicious menus downloaded offline allow you to do whatever you want without being controlled by the Internet;

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