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Randonautica app

2.16.10 Android version

Date:Jun 11, 2024
Package Name:com.randonautica.app
  • Randonautica app
  • Randonautica app
  • Randonautica app
  • Randonautica app

A special travel coordinate generation software, where users can randomly generate various coordinates by themselves. You can go to these coordinates to view them at any time, and you can also get a good travel experience. The usage of the software is also very simple, if you are interested Users can download it now!

Software introduction

It provides introductions, navigation and travel guides to famous movie locations around the world, allowing users to experience classic scenes in movies for themselves!

Software features

Feel a spiritual connection to a higher power, nature or the universe

Find a new area in your neighborhood, town or city

Get signs and symbols from the universe

Overcome the feeling of “stuck” day after day

Software Highlights

Connect with people around the world with Randonautica's in-app social media feeds Discover

Publish reports and document your insights and adventures

Record synchronicities and coincidences related to your random explorations

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