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PulseCare app

1.7.8 Android version

Date:Jun 11, 2024
Package Name:com.appsky.pulsecare.healthtracker
  • PulseCare app
  • PulseCare app
  • PulseCare app
  • PulseCare app

A professional health management service platform. This software is very powerful. It covers a variety of convenient health service functions online. You can find convenient services that are more suitable for you according to your needs, so that every user can have it. Your own diet manager

Software introduction

A heart rate monitor designed to help you measure and record heart rate and pulse. Just place your fingertip on the camera and get your heartbeat in seconds. No specialized equipment required!

Software features

Tools for comprehensive tracking of your health, diet and more

And with the help of diet, you can live in a healthier way

Allows you to understand the changes you have made through fitness in a more detailed way

Software Highlights

Using a phone camera to capture images and using algorithms to identify heartbeats, the results may be biased.

Designed to support metric recording, it cannot measure blood pressure or blood sugar levels. 

Not a substitute for professional medical equipment. If you have a medical condition or are concerned about a heart condition, please seek medical advice promptly.

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